Podcast: Aggregator Roundtable at E-Retail Fest

Jun 18, 2022

Amazon Aggregators: Past, Present, and the Future

In this episode, Danny McMillan hosts a panel of eCommerce experts, including Nextoria’s COO Aida Ait-Ahmed, live from E-Retail Fest. The podcast discusses the current trends in the world of eCommerce business acquisition, what to expect in the future, and the implications for eCommerce business owners looking to sell their brand.

Listen to the podcast here:


  • Aïda Aït-Ahmed: Co-founder and COO at Nextoria
  • John Hefter: Senior Vice President, Founder at Thrasio
  • David Mood: Head of Investments at Olsam
  • Olivia Jones: Director of Acquisitions at BRANDED
  • Johan Hallenby, CEO/Founder at Go North
  • Lorenzo Cerchi: Investment Associate at SellerX