AVASK specialise in global taxation and expansion solutions for e-commerce sellers,
including accounting and business advisory services.

We are an international firm of e-commerce accountants and tax experts, with a well-
reputed specialism in global e-commerce expansion, international taxation,
accountancy and business consultancy and advisory services.
Our dedicated team of consultants, VAT and sales tax experts, and chartered
accountants boast an exceptionally wide and varied range of backgrounds and
experience. This provides us with a unique insight into the way in which VAT and
customs duty impacts businesses, and more importantly, allows us to provide
innovative solutions that offer significant value
to our clients.
For companies considering global expansion, understanding the tax obligations in
different regions can be incredibly complex and distracting. Trust AVASK to help
your business expand into any marketplace, such as the UK, EU, USA, UAE and
Australia. Our experts are on hand to provide you with the very best advice and
support on developing and expanding into these territories seamlessly by reducing
the administrative burden, leaving you to focus
on your core business.
Our team currently handles a wide variety of e-commerce sellers and vendors from
over 50 countries in the world. Our global network of offices spans the UK, Europe,
the US and North America, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia.