Thinking of selling? Avoid these mistakes

Feb 8, 2023

Orange Klik Webinar: Avoid these mistakes

In this webinar hosted by Orange Klik, three Amazon experts share insights on common mistakes made by Amazon FBA  sellers.

Among them, Nedko Kolev, partner at Nextoria, discusses common mistakes made by Amazon business owners who are planning to sell their business:

  • Accounting: Using cash based accounting instead of accrual based accounting → Check out our deep-dive article on this topic!
  • Waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to exit
  • Optimizing for growth instead of profit

Watch the video to learn more and also hear great advice from Jacob McQuoid (Avask) and Alex Chernenko (Chern & co)!



More about this webinar / the experts:

Any Amazon seller can repeatedly make mistakes that go unnoticed, yet still harm their Amazon FBA business. Even the most successful sellers are vulnerable to these errors, such as neglecting Amazon taxes, accounting, failing to properly register trademarks, and so on. These oversights can lead to severe issues when selling on Amazon FBA or planning your business exit.

Join this live session with the 3 representatives – Jacob McQuoid​​​​ from AVASK Group, Nedko Kolev from Nextoria, and Alex Chernenko from Chern & Co – who will reveal the most common mistakes sellers make and how to avoid them.


Jacob is the Senior Customs and EPR Manager at AVASK. Having joined AVASK at the height of the Amazon Pan-EU promotion as a member of a Business Development Team, Jacob rapidly developed a justified well-reputed specialism in expanding e-commerce businesses within Europe, the USA, Australia, and the UAE.

AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants work with the most outstanding and proactive professionals to deliver excellent value for more than 8,000 e-commerce sellers and companies across the world. They have a presence in the UK, Europe, the USA, UAE, China and Australia and their collective eyes are set on the horizon looking for new marketplaces and opportunities to enhance and enable their clients’ businesses to flourish and grow.

Alex Chernenko is a business consultant and company formation specialist based in Ireland with 13 years of experience helping clients to register companies in Europe. He is a frequent guest and speaker at conferences and business events. Alex has years of experience building and scaling his own businesses (including Amazon Private Label) and helping others to grow theirs.

His company Chern & Co provides registration, tax advice, trademarks, and accounting services to e-commerce businesses worldwide. Alex has a hobby of organizing events and hosting MC sessions. He will moderate Amazon Barcamp in Lisbon this year, 2023.


Nedko is an M&A and Business Strategy Advisor at Nextoria, a global VC-backed M&A advisory firm. He is a highly motivated and skilled manager with experience in the supply chain, general management, negotiations, and acquisitions who supports owners improve the value of their business to achieve a successful exit.

Nextoria is a global M&A advisory firm specializing in e-commerce. Whether you are ready to sell your business now or might be considering an exit in the future and want to explore your options, they’re here to advise you, at no cost.

Known in the business simply as the “Amazon Summits Guy”, Augustas is committed to providing others with the opportunity to achieve success by offering powerfully informative expert sessions and guides to becoming a top Amazon seller. He has recorded over 400 sessions with Amazon industry leaders, experts and speakers. Augustas is also the founder of Orange Klik Company and the following in-person events for Amazon sellers: European Seller Conference, Seller Fest and PPC Congress.

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