Video: Aggregator Roundtable at E-Retail Fest

Jun 22, 2022

Amazon Aggregators: Past, Present, and the Future

Aïda Aït-Ahmed, Co-founder at Nextoria, joins a panel of eCommerce experts to discuss the future of eCommerce Business acquisition at E-Retail Fest in London. Watch the full video now!


  • Aïda Aït-Ahmed: Co-founder & COO of Nextoria
  • John Hefter: Senior Vice President, Founder at Thrasio
  • David Mood: Head of Investments at Olsam
  • Olivia Jones: Director of Acquisitions at BRANDED
  • Johan Hallenby, CEO/Founder at Go North
  • Lorenzo Cerchi: Investment Associate at SellerX


About Nextoria

Nextoria was born out of a passion for entrepreneurship and a drive to help business founders achieve their full potential. Nextoria’s mission is simple: find businesses that create and sell amazing products online, and give them the tools and support they need to achieve the best exit possible. With an approach that combines data-driven decision making and professional exit strategies and processes, Nextoria works with e-commerce business founders across the globe, acting as a trusted partner on their exit journey.