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We work with founders in the software space (SaaS and services) making $1M+ ARR
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We're experts in digital-native, e-commerce first or omni-channel brands. If you are on your way to reach or have reached $5m+ revenue, we’re happy to talk
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What we do

Full & partial exits

Full & partial exits

Whether you’re looking for a full exit, or just want to de-risk while bringing in a partner to help take your business to the next level, we'll find the right fit

Lower mid-market

Lower-mid market

For digital-first businesses, M&A is a global game. Our international presence enables us to work with sellers - and buyers - across the globe

Global businesses

Global businesses

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we like to work with founder-led businesses at various growth stages, with clients generating revenue from $1m to $100m

What we bring

Tailored approach

Tailored approach

We tailor your exit strategy to your needs: from conducting a full exit process, to selectively exploring strategic opportunities

Diverse buyer pool

Diverse buyer pool

We maximize exposure to an extensive pool of buyers with our active selection and sourcing process, ensuring the optimal fit

Advisory & execution

Advisory & execution

We’re by your side throughout your M&A journey, with hands-on process management and continual advisory

How we increased Ole’s initial offer by more than 30%

“Not only did they bring the ultimate buyer and negotiate a very strong offer in a short period of time, their work during this entire process was really invaluable. I honestly think that if Nextoria wasn’t involved, this transaction would not have happened.”

Ole T.
SaaS business founder, full exit with nextoria

SaaS Software

For SaaS founders, M&A can be the difference between a good product lost in an ocean of competing solutions, and a thriving venture. The right buyer or strategic investor can propel your business forward, helping you navigate the complexities of scaling in a fragmented market.

Consumer brands

We know the unique challenges and opportunities facing digital-first brands, and the crossroads where founders often stand. Whether you want a strategic investor to help you take the next step (e.g., new channels) or simply want to exit, the right M&A strategy can take your brand to the next level.
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“With Nextoria, the constant contact, the loyalty, the honesty, the direct exchange, there are so many points that I could mention regarding why I enjoyed working with Nextoria so much.”

Roland R.
Executed his 4th exit with nextoria

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Actively looking to exit?

With nextoria, your business is never just another ‘listing’. We lead the entire process from preparation to closing, advising you along the way and curating the best and most extensive buyer pool for your business.

We actively reach out to select, curated audiences and generate active interest into your deal.


Or just looking around?

Not sure or not ready to engage in a process, but keen to explore your options? We can be your eyes on the market, selectively exploring strategic opportunities while you focus on growing your business.

We reach out to a few specific buyers, gauge the interest and explore the market conditions.

The right deal, just in time

“My co-founder and I were absolutely delighted with the quality of service that the Nextoria team provided. From the moment that we started working with Nextoria, the entire exit process went extremely smoothly, and the team was always very responsive. I was particularly impressed with the quality of work Nextoria put into creating all the materials required for our exit – The nextoria team delievered an outstanding pitchbook for 96NORTH within two weeks.

Even more impressively, because we were on a very tight schedule, we needed Nextoria to convince the Buyer to submit their LOI on Christmas Eve and then continue working through the entire holiday season so that we could close the deal and sign the APA before mid-January. Incredibly, Nextoria delivered and we were able to execute a great exit right on time.”

Jack S.
96North Founder

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Selling a business?

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We work with a very diverse and extensive pool of buyers and investors, covering a wide range of geographies and profiles. The main categories of buyers we work with are:
  • Financial buyers: This includes players such as Private equity funds. While they typically focus on very large transactions ($100m+), they are often on the lookout for smaller acquisitions that can be a good complement to their existing portfolio (referred to as “add-on acquisitions”).

  • Corporates: These are typically industry players operating in the space, from very large corporations to mid-size competitors with enough cash to consider acquisitions.Of course, the landscape of buyers and investors we work with is much more diverse than these two categories (e.g., private investors, roll-ups, family offices, and many others that would take too long to list here).
  • What is important to understand is that different buyers will look at acquisition opportunities through different lenses:

  • Some buyers will view them from a purely financial standpoint, focusing mainly on key metrics that must meet their internal criteria (e.g., growth, profitability, churn).

  • Other buyers will approach acquisitions from a strategic standpoint. While financial performance is obviously important to these buyers, they will consider a number of other factors and place a lot of importance on fit and synergies (products, operations, channels, etc.), generally adopting a longer-term perspective.

    So it is important not only to know who the potential buyers are and have access to them but also to stay on top of what they are looking for, which is why we adopt a very proactive approach to buyer relationship management, as well as sourcing and outreach for every business that we represent. With offices and boots on the ground across the world, Nextoria is embedded in local entrepreneurial and investor communities globally, allowing us to find the right buyer wherever they are.
  • With Nextoria, your business is never just another ‘listing’. Our approach to buyer sourcing is proactive and personalized. While it is common for advisors to broadcast opportunities through generic newsletters, we carefully curate a list of potential buyers for your specific business to ensure relevance and fit and reach out to them in an individual and targeted way. And we don’t stop at our existing network: we proactively source new buyers for each business we represent to ensure extensive coverage.

    This proactive and targeted approach ensures that your business gets in front of the eyes of as many relevant buyers as possible, and receives the attention it deserves, rather than being lost among hundreds of other acquisition opportunities.

    We also tailor our buyer outreach strategy to meet your specific needs and preferences: From casting a broad net to selectively approaching a handful of strategic buyers, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.
    The optimal time to exit—whether fully or partially—is when your business is on an upward growth trajectory, with strong historical performance and clear growth opportunities ahead. This is when your business will be attractive to the largest pool of buyers and yield the highest valuation multiples.

    Different buyers look at different things when considering a business acquisition, but what the vast majority of them do not want to buy is a business that is plateauing, or worse, declining. Of course, some still do, but for very low valuations.

    The challenge is that, for most founders, exiting is not top of mind when their business is growing; they are rightfully focused on running and growing their business. So as a result, way too often, we see founders reaching out to us to discuss an exit after they’ve already reached a plateau, which considerably lowers their chance of successfully exiting.

    Of course, several other factors need to be considered when it comes to exit timing, from personal circumstances to general market conditions. And sometimes, it’s about being at the right place at the right time. To delve deeper into this topic, check out our blog section for more in-depth articles, or reach out to us for tailored advice specific to your circumstances.
    In short: the earlier, the better! Whether you have a sense of what you want and a specific timing in mind, or are not even sure whether an exit will make sense for you in the short to mid-term, it’s always good to start understanding your options as early as possible.

    Many advisors only want to work with sellers when they are ready to start an exit process. We actually prefer to start speaking earlier so we can advise on different options and strategies. Too often, when founders reach out to us at the time of exit rather than in advance, we see many missed opportunities and easy steps that could have been taken beforehand to make the business more attractive to buyers and secure a better deal.

    Should you look for a full or a partial exit? What types of buyers could be right for you? When should you start preparing? Are there any easy steps you can take now that can increase your valuation down the line? We’re here to help guide you through those questions so you can better understand your options and strategically plan for your future to be in the best position when the time comes!

    Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to commit to working with an advisor early: it’s about having the right conversations early. And if you do decide to work with us, our flexible, fully success-based approach means that you do not incur any costs and can always change your mind. We are here to make your life easier, not become another thing you need to worry about.

    There is no one-size-fits-all exit process: We understand that each business is unique, and we offer tailored exit strategies for both full and partial exits. Whether you’re actively looking to sell and ready for a structured exit process, or just curious to explore options and interested in strategic market watch, we adjust our process to meet your needs. And we always use a fully success-based approach: this means that we only get paid if and when a deal is closed, regardless of how long we work together.

    The strategic market watch approach allows you to test the waters and assess the market’s appetite for your business without engaging in a full exit process. This is the approach we generally recommend to business owners who are not in a rush, or not fully decided about exiting but want to ensure they are in a position to capture the best opportunity if and when it arises. Many of our clients fall into this category: they’re focused on growing their business and are happy to continue running it, but they understand the importance of selling while they’re growing and that the best deals often come from having the right conversations at the right time.

    The structured exit process is for business owners who are ready and set on exiting within a specific timeline. We actively market your businesses to a large but curated group of buyers, driving engagement and creating a competitive environment for your deal.

    It is quite common for businesses we represent to start with strategic market watch and then move to a structured exit process when the timing is right. We are here to advise you on the best approach for your specific circumstances: feel free to reach out, and we’d be happy to discuss options with you.

    Regardless of the approach we take, we drive the process through every step, from developing the right strategy, advising on optimization opportunities, preparing professional marketing materials, managing communications, and negotiations with buyers until your deal is closed.

    Absolutely not—you do not need a precise exit plan or timeline to start working with us. Our role as advisors is to guide you in understanding your options and uncovering opportunities at a pace that’s comfortable for you, whether you’re ready to sell now or just curious about your options.

    We work with founders at very different stages of their exit journey, including:

  • Founders who are actively looking to exit and want to kick off the process in the short term.
  • Founders who are planning to exit in the future but not ready yet. They might need advice to understand their options (e.g., full or partial exit), determine the right timeline, and identify strategies to optimize future valuation.
  • Founders who are not actively looking to exit but are open to the right offer. They want to be in a position to capture these opportunities without having to dedicate too much time to the process: They just need someone to be their eyes on the market and make targeted introductions when relevant.

    We see advisory as an integral part of our role: We’re not here just to close a quick transaction when everything is ready, we’re here to be your partner in this journey, and this includes being a thought partner in understanding if an exit is right for you before deciding to formally engage with an advisor.

    And if we do work together, our success-based approach (we only get paid if and when a deal is closed) allows you to approach things in a very flexible way, without having to commit to an exit process.
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